Almond Chu

Born in Hong Kong, Almond Chu began his career as a professional photographer and photo-artist in 1986 after graduating from the Tokyo College of Photography. In 1993, he set up his own studio, Almond Chu Photography.

He has been invited to exhibit his work in various countries such as Germany, Italy, Denmark, Canada, Russia, Japan, China, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Moreover, his works have been featured in numerous international publications.

In 1993, he was awarded Agfa Fellowship Young Photographer Award by Asian Culture Council and stayed in New York in the same year. In 2004, he was invited to be one of the prominent speakers of the Internationally Literary and Aesthetic Symposium organized by Bonn University and the Art & Exhibition Hall of Deutschland, Germany. In 2005, he founded the art photography organization pH5 Photo Group that focused on the promotion of art photography in Hong Kong. In 2007, he founded the art photography magazine pHi and was appointed the editor-in-chief.

His works have been collected by Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Guangdong Museum of Art, University Museum and Art Gallery of the University of Hong Kong, OCT Art & Design Gallery Shenzhen, Osage Gallery, Lee Hysan Foundation, Deutsche Bank, Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong, Hotel LKF, Cathay Pacific Airways, Agfa-Gavert (HK) Ltd and private collectors.

About Bride with the White Hair:

Lian Nichang crumpled a wildflower and threw it down the mountain valley. Zhuo Yihang, stunned watched the flower peddles float down the wind, and suddenly said “Sister Lian, your looks should be like an everlasting flower.”

Lian Nichang laughed. “What a silly dream! Where under the sun is there a place with everlasting spring? If the old man of heaven was human, even he would be old after so much thinking! We see each other here, bicker with each other there, the next time you see me, I fear I’ll already be an old woman with a head full of white hair!”

What she said made Zhuo Yihang’s heart jump, and he thought; “Lian Nichang really is very insightful. She hasn't read many books, can’t compose poetry, nor fit lyrics to a song, but when she says what she thinks, it is simply wonderfully poetic. Doesn't  her words have the same meaning as all that ancient poetry? It’s much easier to understand, and more moving.”

Lian Ninchang laughed, and said “I just fear that when my head if full of white hair you won’t want to see me any longer.”

Zhuo Yihang knew that she was just trying to get him to pour out his true feelings, but he found it very hard to answer, so he tried to make light of it, and answered “when your hair turns white, I find an elixir to restore your youth.”

Lian Nichang sighed, and said “When on tries to have serious conversation with you,  you turn it into a joke.” She pouted and said no more...

Excerpt from: “Bride with the White Hair”