Daido Moriyama

Daido Moriyama, born in Osaka in 1938 is an acclaimed Japanese photographer with a sensual approach to the urban landscape. Now in his 70s, Moriyama shot to fame when his grainy black-and-white images depicting a postwar Japan in flux won the country’s New Artist Award in 1967 and has since had major retrospectives at the New York Metropolitan Museum and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (1999), the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (2008), and recently at Tate Modern in tandem with William Klein.

Moriyama’s high-contrast, distorted imagery and raw-verging-on-sordid content has influenced the work of countless photographers. Observations such as ‘The past cannot be captured by the present, the present can only be captured in the moment’ crystallise what Moriyama refers to as ‘the mighty power’ of photography.


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