13 FEBRUARY - 30 APRIL 2015


a solo exhibition by Cheung Yee

At the wise age of 79 Cheung Yee is not exactly a newcomer in the Hong Kong art scene. He is a colleague to many artist friends and as a professor of fine art at the Chinese University has been a mentor to many of Hong Kong’s younger generation. Cheung graduated in 1958 and has been working since on an oeuvre of sculptures and paintings in a style very unique to his own. His work has been featured with a solo exhibition not less than an unprecedented three times at the Hong Kong Museum of Art.

AO Vertical Art Space will present a selection of his paper-cast mural artworks, which the artist developed since the 70’s. Deeply inspired by Chinese culture in both technique and style, Cheung Yee employs an old lost craft of paper making combined with his sculptural talent. Cheung carves out wooden molds, each one unique and fills the voids with his hand made paper. Most pieces are finished with a monotone bright color. The strong primary colors of blues, greens, reds and gold remind us of the Chinese color palette used in many Chinese temples and palaces. The result is vibrant 3-D mural sculptures laden with intricate patterns and symbols. Some works are embossed with fortune telling tortoises, ancient poems and writings, others reveal narratives through little figurines acting out old stories and legends, and many display patterns inspired by the hexagrams of the I-Ching. Yet despite being so deeply inspired by tradition, his work feels surprisingly young and contemporary. Oozing nothing but good fortune and blessed luck, Cheung Yee’s feng-shui friendly artworks are the ideal exhibition to celebrate the transition to the New Year.



已屆 79 歲高齡的張義在香港藝術界久負盛名。張義是眾多藝術家朋友的同事,亦是香港中文大學藝術系教授,同時還是一眾香港年輕藝術家的師父。1958 年畢業後,張義以獨特的個人風格創作了一系列雕塑作品及畫作。香港藝術館曾多次為他舉辦個人作品展,次數之多前所未有。

AO Vertical 藝術空間這次將展出張義於二十世紀七十年代開始創作的一系列紙雕壁畫作品。張義的創作技巧與風格深受中國文化影響。他將已失傳的古老造紙工藝和雕塑結合,先雕刻出獨一無二的木質模具,再用親手製作的手造紙填充,創作獨樹一幟的木與紙的藝術品。張義的作品多數呈現出鮮亮的單色。其對於濃烈原色的運用,如藍色、綠色、紅色和金色,令人不禁聯想到色彩斑斕的古老中國寺廟和宮殿,與錯綜複雜的圖形及符號共同組合成生動的立體壁畫雕塑。張義的作品有些以龜甲、古文和古詩詞為素材,有些通過雕刻人物敘說古老的故事和傳說,亦有很多是受《易經》的「卦」啟發而創作的圖形。然而,雖深受傳統文化影響,張義的作品仍極富青春和現代氣息。他的作品透著風水的智慧,傳達好運與祝福,在中國新年期間展出十分應景。我們期待二月十三日星期五與你一起在吉祥如意的氛圍中慶祝張義個展的開幕。

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