27 FEBRUARY - 30 APRIL 2015


a solo exhibition by ZHAO Haitien

‘It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.’ Pablo Picasso once said, and this is what we are witnessing when looking at Hai Tien’s latest work.

Hai Tien first encountered eastern philosophy while studying fine art in college during the 1960‘s in New York. In the 80‘s her exposure to Buddhism came through the visual expression of Buddhist art that she discovered on her frequent trips to China. Over the years Hai Tien has explored and deepened her understanding of Buddhism, applying it to the advancement of her own self-development. Practicing meditation had a profound influence on her work. ‘The more empty you are, the more you can take in and learn’, she says.

Practicing Buddhism has freed the artist of the dominance of her mind to a liberated state of being using painting as a direct reflection of her soul.

As Ian Findlay in Asian Art News poignantly stated; ‘Hai Tien has always been interested in the lively spirit of life and to show this in art is to take pictorial risks that may appear to some as idiosyncratic. Taking risks, however is a strong characteristic of her as an artist.”

In terms of medium she keeps up with modern life and embraces modern technology such as the iPad. Hai Tien crafts digital paintings with her fingers on the tablet which are then later printed in editions, each made unique again by manipulating the prints with crayons and paint.

‘Forever Young’ seemed to be the most appropriate title to describe her work today. Hai Tien is not bogged down by age; on the contrary, she darts around the studio like a spring chicken, with the same enthusiasm and energy when she started out about 50 years ago. In her heart she will be forever young, and this is what shows.




畢卡索(Pablo Picasso)說過的一句話用來形容海天的藝術創作道路十分貼切:「我用了四年時間達到拉斐爾的繪畫水平,卻用了一輩子學會像孩童那般畫畫。」

二十世紀六十年代,海天在紐約的大學主修藝術時首次接觸東方哲學。卻在八十年代頻繁遊歷中國時被佛教藝術的美術性所吸引後逐步深入研究佛家哲學, 很明顯,冥想對她的創作影響深遠。她相信:「越少妄念,了解真理越多。」 通過長期對藝術和佛、禪的修持, 她的創作展示了其擺脫世俗束縛的童真世界。


Ian Findlay 曾在《Asian Art News》中尖銳地指出:「海天總是被生命的活力吸引,而用藝術形式表現這種主題則需承擔畫作被視為異類的風險。然而,承擔風險恰是海天作為藝術家的鮮明特質」。

海天的創意總是與時俱進,近年更靈活運用 iPad 等現代科技作為創作媒介。她會先用 iPad 畫好數碼畫並列印數張,再以這些印刷品為畫布作畫,創作更加獨一無二的作品。


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