‘a Hong Kong Memoir'
by legendary Ho Fan
何藩: 香港回憶錄

30.10.2014 – 31.1.2015

About the Exhibition:

Coming up at AO Vertical Art Space in Chai Wan starting end of October is 'Hong Kong Memoirs'; Ho Fan's latest body of work. By overlapping and superimposing old negatives Mr Ho's imagery achieves a surreal aspect. The notion of abstraction, already prevalent in his older work is pushed to a whole new level. A brand new book ‘Hong Kong Memoirs’ published by Asia One and Modernbook will be launched during the exhibition. For the occasion Mr Ho is intending to come back to Hong Kong, his favorite place on earth, for the first time in 10 years.


今年秋天,華人攝影大師何藩將再次回歸香港,在 AO Vertical 藝術空間舉辦第二次個展「何藩:香港回憶錄」。

何藩現已八十高齡,依然精神矍鑠。這幾年他一直在籌備一個全新的系列,成果將在這次展覽中展出,並收錄在由宏亞(香港)及 Modernbook(美國)聯合出版的攝影集《何藩:香港回憶錄》(Fan Ho: A Hong Kong Memoir)中。

香港正處於遭受身份認同危機的敏感時期。何藩的最新作品高度真實地重現了舊香港風貌。利用雙重或多重疊加舊膠片形成的影像被賦予一種超現實感,將貫穿其作品中的抽象意象再次推向全新的高度。何老將於新書全球首發之際回港,這亦是他多年來再次回到這片他最摯愛的熱土。Modernbook Gallery 亦將同時在三藩市舉辦同類展覽。

About the Artist:

Ho Fan, nicknamed ‘the great master’ earned his fame as one Asia’s most beloved street photographers capturing Hong Kong in the 50’s and 60’s.

Ho Fan’s photographic career started in Shanghai at the early age of 14 when given his first twin lens Rolleiflex for his birthday from his father. Within the first year he won his first award. In 1949, at the age of 18, when Communism entered China, Ho Fan’s parents moved to Hong Kong where the young Ho Fan continued pursuing his love for photography.

Dubbed the ‘Cartier-Bresson of the East’ Ho Fan had the patience to wait for ‘the decisive moment’; very often a collision of the unexpected, framed against a very clever composed background of geometrical construction and texture. He also liked to create drama and atmosphere with backlit effects or through the combination of smoke and light. His favorite locations were the streets, alleys and markets around dusk when the sun would cast long shades or life on the sea.

What made his work so intensely human is his love for the common Hong Kong people; coolies, vendors, hawkers selling fruits and vegetables, kids playing in the street or doing their homework, people crossing the street… As per Mr Ho; ‘I love Hong Kong and I love Hong Kong people’’ He never intended to create a historic record of the city’s buildings and monuments; rather he aimed to capture the soul of Hong Kong; the hardship and resilience of its citizens.

Ho Fan was most prolific in his teens and 20’s and created his biggest body of work before he reached the tender age of 28. His work didn’t go by unnoticed at his time. He won close to 300 local and international awards and titles in his day through competing in the salons.  His talent was also spotted by the film industry where he started out as an actor before moving to film directing until retiring at 75.

Ho Fan is a Fellow of the Photographic Society and the Royal Society of Arts in England, and an Honorary Member of the Photographic societies of Singapore, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy and Belgium. During his long career he has taught photography and film making at a dozen universities worldwide. His work is in many private and public collection of which most notable are: M+ Museum, Hong Kong, Heritage Museum, Hong Kong, Bibliothèque National de France, Paris, France, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, USA, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, USA, The Cleveland Museum of Art, USA.



何藩1931 年出生於中國上海。自14歲生日時獲父親所贈 Rolleiflex 雙鏡頭相機開始,便與攝影結下不解之緣,更在第一年便獲得首個獎項。其後他於 1949 年與家人移居香港,繼續追尋攝影夢。



青少年時代到二十八歲前是何藩最為高產的時期。他的作品在當時已獲得廣泛關注,通過參加畫廊比賽贏得近 300 個地區和國際性大獎。他的才華對電影業亦產生了不小的影響。他曾參演多部電影,之後轉作導演直至 75 歲退休。

何藩是英國皇家攝影學會及英國皇家藝術學會會員,亦是多國攝影學會榮譽會員,包括新加坡、阿根廷、巴西、德國、法國、意大利及比利時。過往曾到多國大學教授攝影及電影製作。其作品獲眾多私人和公共機構收藏,其中最著名的包括:香港 M+ 博物館、香港文化博物館、法國國家圖書館(Bibliothèque National de France)、舊金山現代藝術博物館(San Francisco Museum of Modern Art)、美國聖巴巴拉藝術博物館(Santa Barbara Museum of Art)、

美國克利夫蘭藝術博物館(The Cleveland Museum of Art)。

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Recently, property developers SINO Group dedicated a heritage themed boutique hotel named ‘The Pottinger’ (located on a street with the same name) by displaying  Ho Fan’s prints in all the guest rooms.



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