Marc Lagrange

Evocative, sensual and voluptuous, Marc Lagrange’s work celebrates beauty and pleasure. The Antwerp-based photographer, who has a predilection for nudes and portraits, creates luxurious and timeless environments, where eroticism and intimacy play a central part. Lagrange favours seduction over sex. Hedonistic and privileged, his images do not deal with ordinary settings or regular situations. They focus on dreams and fantasies, escaping logic and the constraints of reality. The chemistry Lagrange has with his models sets him apart from other photographers. Losing their inhibitions in front of the camera, his models turn into characters, echoing Lagrange’s cinematic references.

Several books have been published under his name, including Polarized by Ludion in 2009, Marc Lagrange 20 by Lido (2011) and XXML The Book, launched in July 2012.Diamonds & Pearls (ISBN: 978-3-8327-9705-8A) by international publisher house teNeues will be launched in Hong Kong during the exhibition and consequently in 80 other countries.